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Caviar Guide by Marky's

A spoonful of caviar butter will turn everything – from a slice of bread to a fish steak – into a high-end restaurant dish.

Marky’s original caviar butter is now available for sale at the online store. So, you can order this delicacy right now and have a truly gourmet dinner next day.

What Is Caviar Butter from Marky’s?

A 100-gram (3.5-ounce) tin of caviar butter from Marky’s contains 65% of French butter (with 82% of fat) and 35% of purebred Osetra caviar. Nothing else is needed to create this exquisite product.

French butter often serves as a rich creamy model for what must be a result of the butter making process. According to the special French technique, butter should be “cultured” before it’s churned. Culturing means adding active cultures to the cream. This is how French butter acquires its tender creaminess with a slight flavorful tang.

Osetra caviar used in the butter is farmed from the osetra sturgeon on Sturgeon Aquafarms, partnering with Marky’s. Caviar is a lavish source of omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B12 as well as a whole range of other essential vitamins and minerals.

So, when you buy a tin of caviar butter, you also get 3.5 ounces of natural and delicious health booster.

The Perfect Match of Two Textures and Flavors

Why Osetra caviar? Gourmets say it possesses a buttery flavor which, of course, perfectly matches with the flavor of high-quality butter.

Small firm beads of caviar add a pleasant sudden pop to smooth predictability of butter. This blend of creaminess and brininess turns out too appetizing to refuse. And the appearance of the delicacy – white velvet of French butter spotted with black peals of caviar – makes it a beautiful decoration for both a simple breakfast sandwich and a generous piece of steak.

To say nothing of the flavors that caviar butter selflessly gives to every dish you use it for.

How to Keep Caviar Butter at Its Best?

Like any other butter, it’ll best preserve its qualities if you keep it in the fridge. The optimal temperatures are 0-4°C (32-39°F). You can use refrigerated caviar butter for about one month.

If you want to keep it for a longer period of time, freeze it. With frozen caviar butter you’ll be able to create culinary masterpieces for the next five-six months.

How to Use Butter with Caviar in Your Dishes?

So, what dishes can you level up to decadent mouthwatering masterpieces with a few spoons of caviar butter?

  • Sandwiches, canapés, and hard boiled eggs smothered lavishly with caviar butter will be finger-licking good starters of the dinner.
  • Hot boiled potato gets even more delicious and nutritious when you put a few slices of butter into the pot as soon as it’s ready. So what about adding caviar butter? This ingredient will add more pungent flavor to the dish. But let it be your little secret.
  • Seared sea scallops, baked mussels or lobster, fish and meat steaks with caviar butter will amaze your dearest and nearest with heavenly aromas and tastes. Add it to the main dish on your menu. Whatever the occasion is, your family and friends will remember it with warmth, joy, and a half creamy half salty aftertaste on their tongues.

Buy Marky’s caviar butter online and make good use of it to spoil yourself and your dearest with new delicious experiences.