How to serve caviar in the right way? It's a kind o question that you will never hear from an experienced gourmet or connoisseur but they can talk about this topic for hours explaining the pro's and contra's of each and every traditional way. The first and the most natural way to indulge this natural treasure is right from the tin can or glass jar with an elegant mother of pearl spoon.

It's great and even perfect especially if you are indulging your caviar alone or with your couple but not that convenient for the society unless you use your thumb web to avoid any additional tastes and smells to mix with the natural flavor of the magnificent caviar, just as many purists do. The other way to indulge the caviar and to discover all the tones and notes of the flavor is to put it on some background that will add some texture to it. The ideal canvas for the caviar are the handmade caviar blini. We are glad to offer you two types of blini for caviar — the blini and the French blini.

The pristine blinis are made of wheat flour and are the traditional caviar accompaniment for both black and red caviar as also for many other delicacies like smoked salmon, foi gras, and others. The original blinis historically were much bigger and more nourishing, they were used as a plate and a significant part of the dish, but the modern blini are made much smaller and won't make you count extra calories unless you are too much addicted to them.

The difference between the Slavs and French blini caviar is the dough. There can be used any available flour, but most frequently they are made of wheat flour. Another difference is that the French handmade blini are made of yeastless dough and thus they are less nourishing and not as thick as the blinis. You may order handmade blini online in cocktail sizes of 4cm or 7cm and packed in 6, 12, 16, 30 and 36 pieces, best suited for cocktail parties. When you buy blinis in plastic vacuum packs you may be absolutely sure to receive the fresh product.

The ideal supplement and lining between caviar and the blinis is the Crème Fraîche often called a caviar cream. Here at Marky’s Gourmet Store we are proudly offering you the best Crème Fraîche you can find in the U.S. that is as good as the original Crème Fraîche made in the French Normandie. Very tender texture, incredibly rich and velvety cream flavor with light tanginess in the taste will emphasize the flavor of caviar. And, of course, it can be used in your everyday cooking for thickening sauces and soups.

A special mention should be made of the quail eggs. Most people used to think that they are just like ordinary chicken eggs but it is not exactly true. The quail eggs are more wholesome, comparing to the chicken eggs they contain more minerals and vitamins, moreover, they don't cause diathesis and allergies even if consumed raw according to the modern and traditional diets, which is also very important to the modern city inhabitant. In addition to the nutritive qualities, it offers the gourmets some more peculiarities like the tiny size providing the chef the possibility to create a single bite serving masterpiece of a half of a boiled quail egg with caviar and some seasoning or decoration. The quail eggs' tender and delicate texture underlines the caviar flavor and makes it a perfect background for the saline taste and flavor of caviar. Not just for the caviar but also for your everyday consumption! The quail eggs are perfect for nourishing and healthy diet salads, as also for different dish decoration.

All these caviar accompaniments are available here at Marky’s Gourmet Store 24/7.