Uruguaian Farmed Osetra Baerii Caviar

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Uruguaian Farmed Osetra Baerii Caviar

Osetra Baerii Caviar is one of the best tasting caviars in the world and that's the reason why it is so popular amid the connoisseurs and gourmets. It is also popular among the aquafarms that raise Sturgeon. They usually raise the wild caught fingerlings imported from Siberia that enables us to represent you different variants which are very close to the famous Russian "black caviar".

The Uruguayan Osetra caviar proudly stands in one row with the famous farmed caviars from Israel and Italy. It is very good in terms of flavor and appearance. The beads are pretty big and vary in color from jet black to light brown nearly reaching the noble golden color. They have a fresh, clean and nutty taste with a sweet and creamy finish.

This aquafarm in Uruguay uses the most uptodate techniques and farming equipment with the best international Sturgeon raising experience which combined with a nearly authentic environment and purely natural diet make this caviar taste as good as wild caught Sturgeon caviar.

Product Features

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SKU 017203
Packaging Jar
Preparation Fresh, Cured with Salt
Caviar Fish & Grade Osetra, Grade 1
CITES for Export Required
Shelf Life Refrigerated 4 to 6 weeks
Storage Type Only Refrigerated
Appearance Firm, clear, glossy
Flavor Delicate taste which lingers on the palate
Size Large grains