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Pike Roe

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Pike Roe description:

Pike caviar is an exquisite delicacy that gourmet appreciate for their soft amber shade, pleasant salty taste, high nutritional properties and healthy qualities.

Pike caviar is considered a valuable, amber, "merchant" caviar, which honored guests were treated to during the reign of the first Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible.

Pike caviar contains: 30 percent of easily digestible protein, phosphorus, iodine, iron and other useful substances that our body needs. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that many nutritionists recommend eating seafood as a healthier source of protein than meat.

There are no carbohydrates and highly saturated “bad” fats in caviar, but there are useful polyunsaturated fatty acids of the Omega-3 family, which are often prescribed in the form of expensive biologically active additives.

Taste qualities: Despite the fact that the delicacy is cheaper than red or black caviar, it is in no way inferior to its more valuable counterparts in nutritional properties. The delicacies have a delicate, slightly salted taste, a beautiful amber hue, and a crumbly structure. Pike caviar, if properly presented, melts in your mouth, leaving a pleasant feeling. It is perfect for decorating your dish and giving it an exquisite taste.

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