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Paiusnaya Pressed Sturgeon Caviar (Payusnaya)

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Paiusnaya Pressed Sturgeon Caviar (Payusnaya) description:

Another caviar product that can't be missed is the Pressed Caviar ('Payusnaya'). This is an ancient recipe to preserve every last one bead of the pricious Sturgeon caviar. While separating the caviar beads from the natural sac some of them brake but those are not wasted. They are put together, salted with fine sea salt and hung in a linen bags to drain excessive moisture and salt, then they are pressed to receive a paste that is basically used as seasoning for pasta and other cooked dishes. It can aslo be spead over the canapes or blinis. As Payusnaya Osetra caviar is partially dehidrated there is more caviar in it than in the same volume of a regular caviar so it has a stronger and more intense flavor.

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