French Bottarga Caviar, Dried Mullet Roe

Bottarga Caviar Kosher - Dried Mullet Roe - 0.3-0.55 lb/135-250 gr, France.

The Mediterranean cuisine is very famous for its simplicity and wholesomeness all over the world and there are dozens of different Italian, French, and Greek restaurants in any more or less big city to say nothing of the hundreds of small cafes and pizzerias. But not all of them can offer you a truly unique delicacy of the Mediterranean region — the Bottarga caviar. Usually, you can buy Bottarga in certain delicacy stores. This product has lots of names in every country: Bottarga (Italy), Avgotaraho (Greece), Poutargue (France), Haviar (Turkey) and Batarekh (Egypt). It can be one of the symbols of the Mediterranian cuisine - a certain small amount of which turns any simple everyday dish into an incredible masterpiece. It used to be called the poor man's caviar but nowadays it inspires the best chefs in the world to make traditional masterpieces and invent new combinations.

About Bottarga

Just as many other delicacies that are usually called 'caviar', Bottarga is not a true caviar in all meanings of this word. It is neither a valuable Sturgeon roe, nor 'Malossol' (it is really difficult to call some product 'Malossol' if it is very often used instead of salt indeed), and even not so juicy as most of the caviars and roes.

Bottarga for sale is the salted and sun-dried roe of the Grey Mullet though there are also Botarga made of the Tuna fish roe. The whole process takes pretty much time. Before the roe is carefully extracted from the fish it is massaged to eliminate the air bubbles inside, then it is washed in the natural sack (or skein), dried and afterwards covered with a tick layer of the purest sea salt. It stays under the salt for a couple of weeks sometimes under some pressure that forms two flat lobes. The curing time determines how much salt the roe will take. When the curing process is over, the roe sacks are dried in the sun and here comes the magic — depending on the region, local preferences and general weather conditions this process may take up to one month. This time predetermines how hard the Bottarga is dried. When the final product is ready it is packed. The original and pristine way of preserving the Botarga is by dipping it several times into melted natural bee wax to make a thick protective natural layer that prevents the Bottarga from the external smells and keeps its own smell and flavor inside. It also prevents the product from the following drying or moisturising if it is stored improperly. Alternatively, the double sack of the Bottarga caviar can be vacuum packed in plastic. This packing allows you to keep it in the refrigerator for up to a whole year but are you sure you will buy Bottarga to keep it for so long?

The Bottarga caviar is usually served as an appetizer cut into thin slices or wedges, depending on the drying time, and sprinkled with virgin olive oil and lemon juice. Another very popular method is grating it over omelettes, spaghetti alla bottarga, salads, and any other dish to provide it with a pronounced sea flavor. This dried roe has a very special taste that starts to unveil as the eggs are getting moisture in your mouth. The developing taste overwhelms the palate and stays for a long period of time. It is also getting very popular these days as a substitution for ordinary salt for many dishes, which is much more wholesome and definitely tastier.

One more important thing about this product is that Bottarga kosher, it means it can be consumed by Jewish people.

Some history

The original Bottarga recipe is a very old one, the first so to say documental evidence of it was found on one of the murals of the Pharaoh's age in Egypt that has shown the long process of processing the fish, curing, and drying of the roe sacks. This means that this process has been known for hundreds of years before. Already at that time people were aware of the wholesome features of this product with the omega-3 fatty acids present in the seafood, wholesome vitamins and minerals. It also contains up to 20% pure protein.

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Botargo, bottarga (Italian), poutargue or boutargue (French), botarga (Spanish), batarekh (Arabic) or avgotaraho (Greek) is a delicacy of air dried and pressed mullet roe. This Mediterranean specialty is made from the salted and sun-dried roe of mullet (bottarga di muggine). You usually shave off thin slices for hors d'oeuvres or grate it over pasta, fish, or salads. This kosher caviar is very tasty.

Price as each. Kosher certificate available upon request.

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Ingredients Mullet roe, salt

French Bottarga Caviar, Dried Mullet Roe

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