What does black caviar price depend on? Fortunately, not on all those factors that determine the price of gold. Can you imagine that pricing of this delicacy depends on economic stability or worldwide jewelry demand?

The price of caviar is mostly influenced by the complexity of manufacturing, rarity of fish species, and size of eggs. Seemingly, the similar factors may determine the prices of precious stones. So, we could call Russian caviar ‘black diamonds.’

For all the gourmets of the world the words 'Russian caviar' has one and the same meaning — the highest grade of gastronomical delight and enjoyment. Yes indeed, the Caviar Russian, at least the one harvested from the Sturgeon family species, are the most flavourful and delightful delicacy in the world. Some of the kinds of the caviar black are the most expensive food product in the world with the incredible price tag of over 21,000 pounds per kilogram. Anyway, we value it not for the price but for its gastronomical features.

Why the Caviar Russian?

Unfortunately, for the last hundred of years, the intensive fish capture of the Sturgeon in the wildlife nature has led nearly to its extinction, that is why the Caspian caviar of only a few of the brands are legally supplied from the wild catch and are sold with incredible price tags. Nowadays over 90% of the marketed caviar is harvested from the farmed fish in different countries of the world like Israel, France, Germany, USA, Italy, and so on. 'So how could it be called a Russian Caviar?' you may ask. All very simple — the Sturgeons at the aquafarms are raised from the fingerlings imported from the Caspian sea basin where the best specimens of the Sturgeon family feel at home. That's the first and the main reason. The second reason is the way the fish roe is cured. Looks like Russians were nearly the first nation that has invented the most delicious kind of this product which is accepted as a standard for all other kinds of roe — the Malossol caviar. The Russian word 'Malossol' stands for 'little salt' and it completely describes the whole recipe that has invented our ancestors — high-grade fish roe and the brine! That's it! Only a few minutes in the warm brine and the precious caviar is ready. But this simple process is preceded by a long period from 6 to 16 years during which the female specimen grows from the fish egg and reaches its maturity period, and that is one of the reasons that predetermines the Russian caviar price.

The kinds of Russian black caviar

  • The most expensive kind of the Russian caviar is the Russian Beluga caviar. Beluga has nearly extinguished because of overfishing, poaching, and water pollution, thus, the industrial fishing of this species is strictly limited and controlled, which has highly influenced its price and has stimulated the farming of this species after the official ban on import of the Caspian sea caviar. Only now after 10 years, we may see the results and we are expecting the Beluga to be supplied to our stock for we could offer it to our valued customers. The Russian Beluga caviar is considered to be the most delicious ones in the world. Its big pearlescent beads have the most delicate and subtle flavor that makes the gourmet lose their mind.
  • The most popular and sought after is the Russian Osetra. Indeed, the Russian Osetra caviar makes an ideal balance of the flavor, the size, and the price. So if you want to buy Russian caviar most probably you'll buy the Russian Osetra. Though this Royal delight is pretty expensive, the price will be compensated by the incredible sea flavor, tender texture and luxurious appearance. There are many different types of the Russian Osetra sorted by grades, by the manufacturer, by the size, and by the color, but all you need to know is they are all perfectly delicious for you and are worth every single cent spent on it! Furthermore, you can save by ordering the Russian caviar online at the Marky's Gourmet shop.
  • The closest analog to the Russian Beluga caviar is the Kaluga. This species is very similar to Beluga but just a little bit smaller and sometimes called the 'river Beluga' for its life cycle that includes a very long period of life in the rivers, unlike the Beluga that goes to the rivers only during the spawning period. Kaluga and all of its types have the flavor and texture very close to the Russian Beluga caviar. Very tender and delicious with the inherent nuttiness and butteriness, these big pearlescent beads will make your dinner unforgettable.
  • Despite its smaller size, the Sevruga is the most flavorful caviar in the Sturgeon family and sometimes it is called 'Strong Sturgeon'. The small pearlescent black beads conceal a briny juice with a complex sea flavor that makes the connoisseurs' taste buds tremble in expectancy of the highest delight of enjoying the nutty and buttery flavor

Russian Sevruga caviar and Sterlet caviar offered by Marky's Caviar are produced on domestic Sturgeon AquaFarm - the only aqua farm in North America to raise Beluga, Sterlet and Sevruga sturgeon