Aureta X Marky's Caviar

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Aureta X Marky's Caviar

Inspiration: This limited edition caviar was created by a collaboration effort between Marky's Caviar and Aureta.

The color of the Osetra caviar pearls consists of shades of amber and dark brown. Highlighted by shimmery hints of gold, these large firm pearls are filled with creamy, buttery and nutty flavors, with subtle hints of the ocean.

Russian Osetra, originally from the Caspian Sea, is grown in crystal clear waters from the peaks of Mount Herman. This caviar is hand selected by our farmers for Aureta from a few of Galilee’s most exquisite breeds, ensuring our caviar consists of the most perfect taste, quality and texture.

The new limited-edition Aureta x Marky’s Caviar tin is unforgettable. Born from Aureta’s natural drive to continually forge a new path, the design is rich and strong, bold yet elegant.

Aureta has always been drawn to the allure, rarity, and healing powers of gold. The shell symbolizes the natural proportions and the bounty of the sea - the deep red wine color celebrates the earthiness of all of these elements. From Aureta’s creativity, and Marky’s unforgettable caviar, her tin was born.

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SKU 016450
Packaging Tin
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Color Amber to dark brown with shimmery hints of gold
Flavor Creamy, buttery, nutty with hints of the ocean
Size Large firm pearls

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