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Caviar - the Recource Book
by Vulf Sternin and Ian Doré

Hardcover: 256 pages
Publisher: Cultura, Moscow, Russia
Language: English
Dimensions: 9.5 x 7 x 1 inches

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Caviar is not just from sturgeon. Salmon caviar is an important product in Japan and Europe. North American consumers are beginning to appreciate its fine qualities and affordability. This book has everything you need to know about caviar production, handling, processing and use. As well as sturgeon and salmon, the book covers in detail caviars made from whitefish, lumpfish and other roe.

If you want:
· to get your money's worth when you buy caviar;
· to know about the numerous grades and origins of caviar of all types and origins;
· to learn how to store, handle and serve caviar;


If you are looking for:
· practical information on how to process, repack, or distribute caviar of all types;
· the amazing history of the caviar business worldwide;
· a glimpse into the future of caviar and the latest trends in farming sturgeon or caviar;


The more you know about caviar, the more money you can save. Avoid stale or mislabeled product. Understand the myths and the realities of the caviar trade and become a fully informed, expert buyer. Caviar, the Resource Book can pay for itself many times over - the very first time you use its infor­mation when making a purchase.
No more myths or misconceptions. For the first time ever, this is a book which sets out the facts. Caviar processors, brokers, distributors, retailers, restauranteurs and consumers will upgrade their expertise in caviar by using this book.
For too long, professionals and the public alike have been misled by the few who claimed to be the only true connoisseurs of this majestic product. Now, you can acquire the knowledge to counter the myths!
This book gives you the facts. It tells you how caviar is processed, how to judge its quality, how to buy, store and serve it. It tells you the bad news about the depletion of wild resources and the good news about the new sources of supply. If you are - or would like to be - a caviar distributor, retailer, or restauranteur, or if you are a consumer who wants to know more about buying this still legendary product, then this book is a vital resource for you.

Caviar, the Resource Book is scientifically sound and comprehensive, but is interesting, sometimes exciting, reading. The two authors' many years' experience assure you an enormously valuable and readable book.


Dr. Vulf Sternin worked in the fisheries industry in the former Soviet Union for many years before he moved to Vancouver, B.C. in 1977. Working for B.C. Research Corporation, he accumulated unique expertise in setting up caviar processing and packaging operations and developing caviar quality assessment methods. He has published five reports and manuals on caviar issues and has a vast personal archive of caviar information.
Dr. Sternin has worked with all types of caviar: Sturgeon caviar in Russia, Kazakhstan, China and England; salmon caviar in Canada, Latvia and the USA; lumpfish and herring caviar in Iceland and Canada. He has conducted numerous seminars on caviar issues for workers and quality control personnel in processing plants and for fishermen. He has trained caviar taste panels to deal with conflicting quality assessments.
Between 1989 and 1992 he revisited Russia three times to refine and update the technical information for this book.

San Doré's nearly three decades in the seafood industry include importing, exporting, processing, wholesaling and retailing seafoods in Europe and the United States. In 1982, he founded Osprey Books, a publishing company specializing in material for the seafood and -related industries. Since that date, he has written a series of books and manuals for' commercial users of seafood, including Salmon: the Illustrated Handbook for Commercial Users, Shrimp Supply, Products and Marketing in the Aquaculture Age, Seafood Scams and How to Protect Yourself, The New Fresh Seafood Guide and many others.
Between them, the authors have over fifty major publications and patents.

Canadian artist Hiromi Hori created the likeable cartoon image which guides the reader on the journey through the world of caviar.



Chapter One - History
Once upon a time; the Caspian Sea; Russia - caviar's homeland; Iran; Germany, France and England; North America; a century ago; caviar technology; sturgeon populations; is caviar an aphrodisiac?

Chapter Two - Sturgeons
The sturgeon family; nomenclature; artificial propagation; caviar from farmed sturgeon.

Chapter Three - The Many Caviar Types
Roe products; the word caviar; labeling; caviar production statistics; world caviar resources; salmon caviar; lumpfish caviar; ordinary fish caviar; artificial caviar.

Chapter Four - Processing Caviar
Ovaries and eggs; grading ovaries; handling ovaries; frozen ovaries; grading eggs; screening; salting; draining; caviar processing plants.

Chapter Five - Packaging
Caviar marketing; bulk and retail packages; preservatives; flavors; dyes; pasteurization; freezing caviar; future trends.

Chapter Six - Quality Control and Assurance
Ikrjanschik - the caviar maker; organoleptic judgements; chemical tests; bacterial tests.

Chapter Seven - For the Broker, Restauranteur, Retailer and Consumer
Understanding the label and marks; chemical composition of eggs; the taste; what are good taste and viscosity? crystals; color; dehydration; burst egg membranes; impurities; net weights; vacuum level; chewiness; intermixing grades; shelf life.

Chapter Eight - Serving Caviar
Cutlery; drinks; caviar garnishes and dishes.

Chapter Nine - Multilingual Glossary of Caviar
Common terms; fish eggs and ovaries; processing and packaging; caviar quality.

Annex - An outline of Caviar Processing
Granular sturgeon caviar; pressed sturgeon caviar; salmon caviar; lumpfish caviar; ordinary fish caviar; retail packaging.


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