Sweet Red Piquillo Pepper Navarre, 470 gr. - by Dantza

Sweet Red Piquillo Pepper Navarre, 470 gr. - by Dantza

Piquillo peppers are hand-picked variety of sweet pepper (similar to a bell pepper) from Spain, region of Navarre. They are traditionally roasted, peeled and packed in oil for later use in tapas, often stuffed with meat, seafood or cheese.

Piquillo Peppers Harvesting

Harvesting Piquillo peppers

  • Freshly collected piquillo peppers will be available.
  • Every year in mid September piquillo peppers are harvested at their optimum point of maduration.
  • The peppers are collected by hand to avoid the damage of the fruit.
  • They are carefully selected by hand and peeled
  • The peppers are roasted in an oven.
  • Finally they are packed one by one by hand and filled in with citric acid and labelled with Olmeda Origenes label.
  • No additives nor preservatives added, natural product with the ingredients: pepper, sugar, salt, citric acid.

Piquillo Peppers

Gluten Free. Sugar Free. Does not contain nuts. Does not contain egg products. Does not contain shellfish. Does not contain dairy. Vegan.

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Sweet Red Piquillo Pepper Navarre, 470 gr. - by Dantza

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