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Marky's :: Spanish Food and Desserts :: Fruit Gelatin Spread :: Violet Spread 6 oz.

Violet Spread 6 oz.

SKU: 180213
Violet Spread 6 oz.

Violet Spread 6 oz.

SKU: 180213
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Violet Spread - Fruit Gelatin - 6 oz/175 gr by El Rebost de L'Empordanet, Girona, Spain.

Ingredients: Water, refined sugar, agar agar, xanthum gum, natural violet essence, dehydrated violet petals.

Suggested uses: As an accompaniment to cheeses and yogurts, as a base for sauces, or atop a mix of fresh fruit. Use your imagination - the creations are endless.

SKU: 180213
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Origin: Girona, Spain
Packaging: Jar
Preparation: Spread
Brand: El Rebost de L'Empordanet