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Texturas Eines, Spherification Group

SKU: 800639
Buy Texturas Eines, Spherification Group on sale online

Texturas Eines, Spherification Group

SKU: 800639
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Eines - Chefs Albert & Ferran Adria of el Bulliís Creation Ė Preparation Tools, Spain.

Spherification is a new process that uses a very specific technique. For this reason, the tools used for this purpose have been subjected to numerous tests. The Eines pack contains the most useful tools for each step in spherification.

Once the desired shape and size are determined, the right tool must be chosen: Syringes are used to create drops that make spherical caviar. For larger preparations (mini-spheres, ravioli, gnocchi, balloons), Dosing Spoons must be used. Collecting Spoons are used to remove and wash the spherical preparation from the Calcic bath.

SKU: 800639
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Origin: Spain
Brand: Texturas