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Marky's :: Molecular Gastronomy Ingredients :: Texturas - Surprises Group :: Texturas Crumiel, Surprises Group 14.1 oz.

Texturas Crumiel, Surprises Group 14.1 oz.

SKU: 800978
Buy Texturas Crumiel, Surprises Group 14.1 oz. on sale online

Texturas Crumiel, Surprises Group 14.1 oz.

SKU: 800978
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Crumiel - Chefs Albert & Ferran Adria of el Bulli’s Creation – 14.1 oz/400 gr, Spain.

This product from the Surprises family offers cooks a magic possibility unthinkable until now – the easy, convenient use of honey in its crystallised state. Crumiel enables us to incorporate all the flavour of honey into a vast number of dishes, both sweet and savoury, to enhance them and make combinations with the widest variety of flavours and ingredients, adding a unique crunchy texture to every dish.

Ingredients: Honey from flowers (60%), sodium alginate and maltodextrin.

Characteristics: Presentation in small, irregular granules. It is extremely important to store Crumiel in a cool, very dry place to avoid humidification.

SKU: 800978
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Origin: Spain
Storing: Cool & Dry
Brand: Texturas