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Marky's :: Cheese of the World :: By origin :: Spanish Cheese :: Spanish Sheep Cheese Malvarosa 4 lb.

Spanish Sheep Cheese Malvarosa 4 lb.

SKU: 121114
Buy Spanish Sheep Cheese Malvarosa 4 lb. on sale online

Spanish Sheep Cheese Malvarosa 4 lb.

SKU: 121114
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Malvarosa - sheep’s milk semi-soft cheese - 4 lb/1.8 kg, Spain.

To save the nearly extinct Guirra sheep, Valencian cheesemaker Enrique began producing this Manchego-like wheel. Frankly, we think it blows Manchego away. The paste is firm, but far more buttery, and incredibly rich and sweet. More like the popular favorite Pyrenees Brebis, this one is compulsively edible, down to its nearly butterscotch finish. Aged for a minimum of three months; careful cheesemaking and gentle pasteurization preserve an enormous hit of succulent flavor. A beautiful Valencian cheese produced from Guirra sheep's milk, a revived, almost extinct breed of sheep. Shape is "servilleta" from being aged in cheesecloth. Butterscotchy and a slice of heaven.

SKU: 121114
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Origin: Spain
Packaging: Wrap
Brand: Fromage Marquis
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