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Marky's :: French Food and Desserts :: French Desserts :: Chestnuts - Marrons :: Roasted Chestnuts 6.4 oz.

Roasted Chestnuts 6.4 oz.

SKU: 070122
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Roasted Chestnuts 6.4 oz.

SKU: 070122
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Roasted Chestnuts - Marrons Entiers - 6.4 oz/180 gr by Sabaton, France.

Entiers Marrons - The most traditional use of chestnuts is roasted whole, with the shell and peel. Before eating, remove the outer shell and inner bitter tasting skin to obtain the edible kernel.
Although chestnuts can be eaten raw after peeling they are usually cooked in some way.

SKU: 070122
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Origin: France
Packaging: Jar
Preparation: Roasted
Storing: 2 Years, Room Temperature
Brand: Sabaton