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Marky's :: Caviar :: By origin :: Spanish Caviar :: Pressed Caviar, Payusnaya Russian Style 9 oz.

Pressed Caviar, Payusnaya Russian Style 9 oz.

SKU: 012509
Buy Pressed Caviar, Payusnaya Russian Style 9 oz. on sale online

Pressed Caviar, Payusnaya Russian Style 9 oz.

SKU: 012509
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Marky's Farmed Pressed Caviar - 9 oz/257 gr, Spain.

Pressed caviar (Payusnaya in Russian) is a smooth, dense, nicely salty paste made from the fish eggs that break during the packing of traditional caviar and made from farmed Naccarii Adriatic Osetra caviar. The eggs are cleaned, packed in linen bags and hung to drain; as salt and moisture drain away, the natural shape of the eggs is destroyed and the eggs are pressed together. Though packaged in conventional caviar tins and jars, Pressed Caviar is best incorporated into a dish and not served on its own. Many in Europe spread Pressed Caviar over toast, or shape the paste into cubes and add its strong caviar flavor to pasta and other dishes. Flavor is intense and stronger; more concentrated than regular caviar.

SKU: 012509
Quantity in stock: Available for sale
Number of Servings: 9 to 18 servings
Origin: Spain
Packaging: Tin
CITES for Export: Required
Brand: Marky's Caviar
Shipping: Product is perishable and will be shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight