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Marky's :: Smoked Salmon and Specialties :: Norwegian Smoked Salmon :: Norwegian Superior Gravlax, Pre-Sliced 8 oz. Kosher

Norwegian Superior Gravlax, Pre-Sliced 8 oz. Kosher

SKU: 020301
Buy Norwegian Superior Gravlax, Pre-Sliced 8 oz. Kosher on sale online

Norwegian Superior Gravlax, Pre-Sliced 8 oz. Kosher

SKU: 020301
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Kosher Pre-Sliced Marinated Gravadlax Steelhead/Salmon - oncorhynchus mykiss - 8 oz/227 gr by Fossen, Norway.

Marinating (graving) of salmon is an old scandinavian specialty. The salmon fillets are covered with a mixture of salt, sugar, pepper and dill for 3 days. The fillets are turned several times during the process.
Gravadlax is also called marinated salmon due to this process.
All chefs have their own recipe for making gravadlax. Gravadlax becomes ever more popular, as a starter, as a main course or on the buffet. Marky's has developed a very successful recipe for gravadlax.
It takes time to make your own gravadlax, and the shelf life is very short. The product is also sensitive to microbacteriological contamination, as it is eaten almost in rare condition. With gravadlax from Marky's, produced under the strictest hygienic conditions in our new smokehouse at the Osteroy island, you will be assured of the freshest possible product at any time, from frozen condition.

Ingredients: Norwegian Fjord Salmon, dill, salt, sugar, black peppercorns. Mustard & dill sauce: Mustard (Mustard seed, vinegar, sugar, salt, spices), vegetable oil, cream, mayonnaise, sugar, wine vinegar, dill, salt, black pepper.
Dried, cured with salt and sugar.
The generously trimmed fillets are cured with a mixture of sugar and salt applied by hand.

Kosher certificate available upon request.

SKU: 020301
Quantity in stock: Available for sale
Origin: Norway
Packaging: Vacuum Pack
Preparation: Kosher
Shelf Life Refrigerated: 3 to 4 weeks
Brand: Fossen
Shipping: Product is perishable and will be shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight