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Marky's :: French Food and Desserts :: French Specialties :: Natural Sea Salt :: Natural 'Fleur De Sel' - Sea Salt 7 oz.

Natural 'Fleur De Sel' - Sea Salt 7 oz.

SKU: 070901
Natural 'Fleur De Sel' - Sea Salt 7 oz.

Natural 'Fleur De Sel' - Sea Salt 7 oz.

SKU: 070901
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Natural 'Fleur De Sel' Sea Salt - 7 oz/200 gr from Noirmoutier Island near Brittany, France.

In a beautiful and authentic linen bag.
Fleurs de sel contain more mineral complexity than table salt. The most sophisticated and refined of all salts, sea salt or Fleur de Sel is a prized culinary ingredient.
Gathered exclusively from the Isle of Nirmoutier.
This rare salt crystallizes on beautiful dry days, producing naturally white, low sodium crystals, that are gathered by hand, delicately and with utmost care.
Use these precious grains sparingly, as this is a treasured ingredient.
Ingredients: Natural French sea salt.

Great for a gourmet sea salt gift.

SKU: 070901
Quantity in stock: Available for sale
Origin: France
Packaging: Linen Bag
Storing: 4 Years, shelf stable
Brand: Marky's