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Moroccan Preserved Lemons 11 oz.

SKU: 180093
Moroccan Preserved Lemons 11 oz.

Moroccan Preserved Lemons 11 oz.

SKU: 180093
2 Preserved Lemons - 11 oz/300 gr by Mustapha, Morocco.

A classic Moroccan ingredient, preserved lemons lend an almost indecipherable flavor to a whole host of Moroccan dishes such as couscous, lamb and vegetables tagines, recipes for chicken and fish, and all manner of salads.

The "lemonness" you expect is softened and sour and salty elements combine with a hint of sweetness for an entirely new flavor experience.

Preserved lemons are cured and packed in a mild brine solution, which transforms the once bitter lemon rind into a completely different ingredient, one that you will find both enticing and indispensable, and not just for Moroccan cuisine. As Paula Wolfert - the world famous author of many cookbooks on Mediterranean cuisines - notes, "their unique pickled taste and special silken texture cannot be duplicated with fresh lemon or lime juice, despite what some food writers have said."

Preserved lemons are usually rinsed to remove excess saltiness, and the rind can be blanched to remove even more of the saltiness. You can use the entire lemon if you wish the flesh is most often used in stews. The lemons will keep for well over a year in their brine - you may see a lacy, white substance clinging to preserved lemons; it is perfectly harmless, and can be removed by rinsing. Try slicing preserved lemons thinly and tucking them into a fragrant stew or lentil dish, bake with fish or lamb or toss in a fresh vegetable salad. A twist of preserved lemon rind will make for one incredible martini.

Preserved lemons are a common, though often unrecognized, flavor in Moroccan cooking where they are known as hamad muraqqad and sold loose in the souks - they are also an important ingredient throughout the rest of North Africa.

The distinctive texture and flavor of preserved lemons is essential to not only traditional Moroccan cooking, but also to the contemporary cooking of the some of the best chefs in the South of France, Spain, England, and right here in the USA.

SKU: 180093
Origin: Morocco
Packaging: Jar
Storing: Cool & Dry
Brand: Mustapha