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Marky's :: International Gourmet Food :: Moroccan Rose Water 3 oz.

Moroccan Rose Water 3 oz.

SKU: 180247
Moroccan Rose Water 3 oz.

Moroccan Rose Water 3 oz.

SKU: 180247
Rose Flower Water - 3 oz/90 gr by Mustapha's Moroccan, Morocco.

Rose water is a distillation of rose petals that has the intensely perfumy flavor and fragrance of its source. Rose water has been a popular flavoring for millennia in the cuisines of North Africa, Middle East, India and China. Morocco is especially know for its fields of roses that are used to produce some of the most fragrant rose water available - indeed most "French" rose water is produced in Morocco. As early as the third century essences were made from rose petals using fairly crude methods. It wasn't until the 10th century that Avicenna, an Arab physician of discovered how to extract the essential oil from the flowers, and invented rosewater proper. Its popularity with food quickly spread throughout Europe and made its way into sweet and savory dishes, many of which are still popular today. Rose water is known as Ma Ward in Morocco, and Mustapha's is produced from the finest source, rosebuds grown on the high central plains of the Dades Valley and then distilled near by in El Kelaa des Mgouna, and it is some of the most fragrant we've ever tasted. A few drops streaked through cream, crme frache, custards, creamed rice puddings, ice cream, baked semolina sweetmeats, fruit fools, sugar syrups and fruit salads, add an element of surprise. It's divine incorporated into sweet Middle Eastern pastries, and a little swirled through Khoshaf, a salad of dried fruit, pistachio nuts and almonds, is heavenly. It is also used in numerous savory dishes. The trick with both orange blossom water and rose water is to use very little, to give the merest hint of fragrance. Oh, yes, when you've used it all, the blue bottle makes a marvelous bud vase.

SKU: 180247
Origin: Morocco
Packaging: Bottle
Storing: Cool & Dry
Brand: Mustapha's Moroccan