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Mint Jelly 8 oz.

SKU: 180009
Mint Jelly 8 oz.

Mint Jelly 8 oz.

SKU: 180009
Mint Jelly - 8 oz/227 gr by Rosebud Farm, England.

Elizabeth Biltof produces this wonderful product in the her farm in rural Yorkshire, England. All her line is made using the freshest local ingredients, organic whenever possible, and without any additives and preservatives. This makes her mint jelly almost a cult object, both in England and in the United States. Traditional methods produces a mint jelly with all the classic flavors, and incredibly fresh and sweet. Perfect for roasts and other traditional English dishes.

Ingredients Apples, sugar, lemon juice and fresh mint.

SKU: 180009
Origin: England
Storing: Room Temperature
Brand: Rosebud Farm