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Marky's :: French Food and Desserts :: French Desserts :: Chestnuts - Marrons :: Marrons Glaces Gift Box 1.4 oz.

Marrons Glaces Gift Box 1.4 oz.

SKU: 070124
Buy Marrons Glaces Gift  Box 1.4 oz. on sale online

Marrons Glaces Gift Box 1.4 oz.

SKU: 070124
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Special Gift Box with Glazed Chestnuts - Marrons - 2 pcs - 1.4 oz/40 gr by Sabaton, France.

Fancy wooden gift box containing two pieces of chestnuts.
Candying chestnuts is a delicate process, which involves ensuring that the sugar penetrates right to the center of the nut by the process of osmosis.
Only intact and very soft chestnuts can be glazed.
Keep refrigerated.

SKU: 070124
Quantity in stock: Call
Number of Servings: 2
Origin: France
Packaging: Fancy Wooden Box
Preparation: Glaced
Storing: 10 Weeks, Shelf Stable
Brand: Sabaton
Shipping: Marrons Glaces products must be shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight during summer season