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Jamaican Allspice, Whole 1 lb.

SKU: 070411
Jamaican Allspice, Whole 1 lb.

Jamaican Allspice, Whole 1 lb.

SKU: 070411
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Jamaican Allspice, Whole - 1 lb/454 gr.

Allspice (Eugenia Pimenta) is native to the Americas and was introduced to Europe by the Spanish. Allspice is the berry of a flowering tree. The berry is used dry and is a deep brown color, small and round, about 1 cm in diameter. The name Allspice describes the multiple tones of this berry; it tastes like a combination of Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cloves and Peppercorns. Allspice is best when ground fresh just before use.

Suggested Use: Allspice tastes good with most spices. It can be used in pickling, marinades, chutneys, desserts. It imparts a warm flavor and is often associated with autumn and winter fare. Allspice is an essential ingredient in making gourmet jerk rubs and seasonings as well.

Ingredients: Allspice.

Basic Preparations: Allspice can be ground in a pepper mill. It is also good when mixed with peppercorns for an interesting change from straight pepper.

Store in a cool dry place & avoid direct sunlight

SKU: 070411
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Packaging: Plastic Bag
Preparation: Dried
Storing: Cool & Dry
Brand: D’allesandro