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Marky's :: Cheese of the World :: Cheese by Texture :: Parmesan and Grating Cheeses :: Italian Cheese Parmigiano Reggiano 8 oz.

Italian Cheese Parmigiano Reggiano 8 oz.

SKU: 121309
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Italian Cheese Parmigiano Reggiano 8 oz.

SKU: 121309
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Parmigiano Reggiano - cow's milk hard cheese - aged 24 months - 8 oz/226 gr, Italy.

Italian Parmigiano Reggiano cheese is a prestigious cheese, unique for its inimitable quality originating eight centuries ago in the area between Parma and Reggio Emilia. It contains a concentration of highly nutritious substances. Seven quarts of milk are needed to make each pound of cheese. Slow, natural aging produces an unparalleled taste, easy digestion and substantial nourishment.
Compliments: This cheese goes well as an addition to soups, salads, pasta dishes and veal/chicken.
Appropriate wines: Strong Merlot from Napa or Tokay from Hungria.

Approximately 8 oz each

SKU: 121309
Quantity in stock: Available for sale
Origin: Italy
Packaging: Wrap
Shelf Life Refrigerated: 2 Weeks
Brand: Emilia Romagna
Shipping: Product is perishable and will be shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight