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Couscous 17.5 oz.

SKU: 110401
Collection: Taste of Europe
Couscous 17.5 oz.

Couscous 17.5 oz.

SKU: 110401
Couscous - 17.5 oz/500 gr by Alpina Savoie, Italy.

Ingredients: purum durum wheat semolina.
Cooking instructions: Bring 1/2 liter of water to a rolling boil. Add salt and a teaspoon of oil. Turn off heat and sprinkle the couscous into the water. Let it swell for 5 mins. When all water is absorbed, stir, then add 15 gr of butter and mix well to separate the grains.
Couscous is delicious served with meat dishes, added to salads or sweetened desserts.

SKU: 110401
Origin: Italy
Preparation: Dried
Storing: 2 Years Shelf Stable
Brand: Alpina Savoie