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Marky's :: Accoutrements de la Table :: Knives and Slicers :: Cheese Slicers :: Cheese Cutter / Slicer - Girolle Original

Cheese Cutter / Slicer - Girolle Original

SKU: 330168
Buy Cheese Cutter / Slicer - Girolle Original on sale online

Cheese Cutter / Slicer - Girolle Original

SKU: 330168
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Girolle original cutter for 'Tete de Moine' cheese, Switzerland and great accessory for shaping French Sheep Cheese Petit Basque.

Method: Cut the top off the cheese about 5 cm/2" from the top and retain this "lid" for later. It's not necessary to remove the rind of the cheese; it will be taken off as the cheese is cut. Spear the Tte de Moine cheese onto the central rod, being careful to centre it perfectly on the wooden platter. Then place the knife on the central rod and turn it gently to scrape the surface. Result: fine shavings of cheese! If you have cheese left over, leave it on the platter. Simply remove the knife and replace the "lid" to keep the cheese from drying out.

SKU: 330168
Quantity in stock: Call
Origin: Switzerland
Brand: Girolle

Girolle original cutter for Tete de Moine cheese