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Marky's :: Cheese of the World :: By Milk :: Goat Cheese :: American Goat Cheese Midnight Moon 9 lb.

American Goat Cheese Midnight Moon 9 lb.

SKU: 123081
Buy American Goat Cheese Midnight Moon 9 lb. on sale online

American Goat Cheese Midnight Moon 9 lb.

SKU: 123081
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Midnight Moon - goat's milk firm cheese – 9 lb/4 kg, USA.

Aged six months or more, this pale, ivory cheese is firm, dense and smooth with the slight graininess of a long-aged cheese. The flavor is nutty and brown-buttery, with prominent caramel notes. The wheel is finished in a beautiful black wax.

Ingredients: Pasteurized 100% goat milk, salt, cheese cultures, vegetarian rennet

General Handling Procedures:

· To maintain original condition after cutting: keep cheese cold (33 ̊–35 ̊F) and wrapped tightly in plastic wrap to prevent drying.

· Serve at room temperature, removing from the refrigerator only what you plan to serve.

SKU: 123081
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Origin: USA
Storing: Refrigerated Only
Brand: Fromage Marquis
Shipping: Product is perishable and will be shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight