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Truffle Caviar 1 oz.

SKU: 012105
Truffle Caviar 1 oz.

Truffle Caviar 1 oz.

SKU: 012105
Truffe Facon Caviar - 1 oz/30 gr, Acipenser, Spain.

The truffle, with its exquisite but delicate and commanding aroma, is one of nature’s most splendid gifts, for an unfortunately brief season.

After a long, intense and passionate period of trials, we have finally found the right form, color and smoothness of that other gastronomic legend, caviar. And so, the Truffe Facon Caviar, made with Tuber Melanosporum, was born.

The real challenge has been to elaborate a truffle without altering or losing any of its taste or aroma but at the same time offering to your pallet the singular sensation of a mellowed sensuality.

SKU: 012105
Origin: Spain
Packaging: Tin
Storing: Refrigerated Only
Brand: Acipenser
Shipping: Product is perishable and will be shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight

Truffle Caviar