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Marky's :: French Foie Gras :: Goose and Duck Specialties :: Raw Duck Breast Magret :: Moulard Duck Boneless Magret 0.5-1.1 lb

Moulard Duck Boneless Magret 0.5-1.1 lb

SKU: 080132
Buy Moulard Duck Boneless Magret 0.5-1.1 lb on sale online

Moulard Duck Boneless Magret 0.5-1.1 lb

SKU: 080132
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Moulard Duck Boneless Magret, Previously Frozen - 0.5-1.1 lb/227-500 gr, Rougie/Marky's, Canada

First choice duck breast from fattened Moulard ducks raised on the Canadian farm. Raised with 100% corn according the traditional French process

Thaw for 2 hours. Sear skin-side in pan over medium to high heat for 10mn until skin is crisp.

Remove fat from pan, turn to meat side and grill for 5mn. Rest 5mn before serving.

Serve rare to medium rare.

A healthy and tasty alternative to steak

Approximately 0.5 to 1.1 lbs each

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SKU: 080132
Quantity in stock: Available for sale
Origin: Canada
Packaging: Vacuum Pack
Preparation: Previously Frozen
Fawl: Duck
Brand: Rougie/Marky's
Shipping: Product is perishable and will be shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight