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Micro Greens - Shiso Purple Cress 4 oz

SKU: 801265
Micro Greens - Shiso Purple Cress 4 oz

Micro Greens - Shiso Purple Cress 4 oz

SKU: 801265
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Micro Greens - Shiso Purple Cress 4 oz

Origin: Japan

Flavor: cumin

Use: asparagus, cheese, game, mushroom dishes, soup

Availability: all year round

Shelf Life: between 36 - 39°F

Introduction: The aromatic leaves of Shiso are widely used in Japan, Korea and Vietnam. More recently, they have been discovered by cooks in Australia, the US and Europe. In Northeast Asia, hardly any fish is eaten without this green leafed herb. Both green and purple Shiso are known for their properties to counteract parasites in raw fish and improve intestinal activity. Not a bad idea considering that most fish in sushi is consumed raw. Shiso Purple Cress is mainly known because of its striking purplish red color. A true jewel on the dish, Chefs might want to really encourage their guests to eat the Shiso Purple. Don’t place it on the side of the plate as a decoration only. The surprising taste will be a reward for both.

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SKU: 801265
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