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Marky's :: International Gourmet Food :: Gourmet Spices, Herbs & Microgreens :: Micro-Greens :: Micro Greens - Sechuan Button 30 pcs/4 oz

Micro Greens - Sechuan Button 30 pcs/4 oz

SKU: 801225
Buy Micro Greens - Sechuan Button 30 pcs/4 oz on sale online

Micro Greens - Sechuan Button 30 pcs/4 oz

SKU: 801225
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Micro Greens - Sechuan Button 30 pcs/4 oz

Origin: Africa/China

Flavor: electric, numbing, sparkling

Use: amuses, cocktails, ice cream

Availability: all year round

Shelf Life: Can be kept inside as well as outside the cool storage

Introduction: To munch on, in a cocktail, crumbled in a sorbet or an ice cream, with the desserts, for dressing, with raw fish, as palate cleanser; the taste is for some people like "electric". It reminds them of when they were kids putting 9v batteries on their tongue for fun. The Sechuan Button sensation starts with a champagne-like tingling on the top of your tongue. After that it will move through your mouth with a kind of “PopRocks™” feeling… In short, you hate it or you love it but you will remember it with a smile! An advice for the first time tasters: be careful and taste a small pinch at a time.

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SKU: 801225
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Brand: Marky's
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