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Micro Greens - Rucola Cress 16 cups

SKU: 801229
Micro Greens - Rucola Cress 16 cups

Micro Greens - Rucola Cress 16 cups

SKU: 801229
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Micro Greens - Rucola Cress 16 cups

Origin: Mediterranean countries

Flavor: pepper, young nuts

Use: cheese, mashed potatoes, pasta sauce, salad, soup, with cottage cheese

Availability: all year round

Shelf Life: between 36 - 39°F

Introduction: Once used as a medicine for treatment of coughs and aiding digestion, Rucola is now used chiefly as a culinary herb, and one of the best at that! Arugula is one of those typical Mediterranean ingredients known from the Italian, Greek, Portuguese and Spanish kitchen. But don’t forget the Middle East, Egypt and the rest of Northern Africa. Today it is considered a global vegetable. The outspoken taste is very distinct for the dish. Our Rucola Cress is a wild variety of arugula. Its taste is deliciously pungent and spicy. It is amazing how much flavor there is in such a small leaf!

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SKU: 801229
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