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Micro Greens - Mizuna 8 oz

SKU: 801232
Micro Greens - Mizuna 8 oz

Micro Greens - Mizuna 8 oz

SKU: 801232
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Micro Greens - Mizuna 8 oz br />
Origin: Japan

Flavor: bitter flavor, mild peppery, tender

Use: salads, soups

Availability: up to 7 days at 36-39°F

Shelf Life: up to 7 days at 36-39°F

Introduction: Mizuna, scientific name, Brassica rapa nipponosica, is a cool season Japanese mustard green that has a similar appearance as wild arugula. It belongs to the Brassica rapa family, which is constituted of field mustards and oil producing crops such as rapeseed. There are at least sixteen known varieties of Mizuna, differing in textures, colors and flavor profiles. In North America, Mizuna is considered a specialty green and thus, has limited commercial exposure outside of Asian markets and farmers markets.

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SKU: 801232
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