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Marky's :: International Gourmet Food :: Gourmet Spices, Herbs & Microgreens :: Micro-Greens :: Micro Greens - Dulce Buttons 50 pcs

Micro Greens - Dulce Buttons 50 pcs

SKU: 801231
Buy Micro Greens - Dulce Buttons 50 pcs on sale online

Micro Greens - Dulce Buttons 50 pcs

SKU: 801231
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Micro Greens - Dulce Buttons 50 pcs br />
Origin: South America

Flavor: many times stronger than sugar, mint, sweet, thyme

Use: goat cheese, ice cream, liver, red fruit

Availability: all year round

Shelf Life: up to 10 days at 34-36F

Introduction: Top your confection with one button for a burst of sweetness. Compliments ice cream and fresh fruit, but also goat cheese and foie gras! Dulce Buttons enhance fruit salad with flavor and aroma. Native cultures in tropical America have long used these tiny, white flowers medicinally and as a herbal sweetener.

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SKU: 801231
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Origin: USA
Brand: Marky's
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