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Marky's American Hackleback Caviar a Finalist at the 2008 Seafood Prix d'Elite Contest

April 2008

American Hackleback Caviar
American Hackleback Caviar
(Source: Optimus, Inc.)

Marky’s American Hackleback Caviar was a finalist at the Seafood Prix d’Elite contest at the 2008 European Seafood Exposition in Brussells, Belgium – the world’s largest and most prestigious seafood event.

This American caviar has a similar taste and texture to Caspian caviars but is moderately priced and more accessible. This delicacy is available in several sizes, from a 1 oz jar up to a 35.2 oz tin.

The Seafood Prix d’Elite New Products Competition was created to recognize the best new seafood products of the year developed for the European market. A group of seafood experts judge each entrant on taste, originality, convenience, packaging, market potential and nutrition.

Mark Zaslavsky, President of Marky’s Caviar at ESE 2008
Mark Zaslavsky, President of Marky’s Caviar at
ESE 2008
(Source: ESE Newsletter)

Marky’s is proud to have had their American caviar as a finalist in the Seafood Prix d’Elite contest for two consecutive years. Marky’s Paddlefish Caviar was also a finalist in the 2007 Seafood Prix d’Elite contest at the European Seafood Exposition.

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Marky's is a leading gourmet foods importer and distributor that was founded in 1983 in Miami, Florida. Marky's has been importing and exporting more than 600 varieties of gourmet foods for 20 years, including Russian caviar, French foie gras, smoked salmon, angulas, truffles, saffron, dry peppercorns, escargots, specialty meats, cheeses and wild mushrooms. The company's specialties are Black Sea and Caspian caviar and French foie gras. Please visit for more information Marky's websites:,,

Source: Optimus, Inc.