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July/August INsight 2007

Europe Still a Strong Market for SUSTA Region Seafood

From April 24-26, 2007, seven seafood companies from the southern U.S. exhibited at the European Seafood Exposition in Brussels, Belgium. The event is the largest seafood show in Europe, bringing together over 1,600 exhibitors from 77 countries attracting tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world.

This was the 12th year SUSTA has participated in this Generic regional marketing activity. SUSTA companies exhibited a variety of products including pink shrimp, caviar, croaker, monkfish, Atlantic mackerel, clams, scallops, cat­fish, striped bass and spot.

Marky's Caviar, a Florida company exhibiting in SUSTA's pavilion, was a finalist in this year's Seafood Prix d'Elite. This competition names the best new retail and foodservice products at ESE, offering special awards for health and nutrition, retail packaging, originality, convenience and product tine.

Exhibitors found that most visitors were serious buyers who expressed strong interest in their products. Sales at the show amounted to $13.25 million, with SUSTA participant companies estimating $12.8 million in projected sales.

As an established Generic activity, SUSTA's pavilion at ESE is an excellent example of how SUSTA and its member statcs can assist southern U.S. companies to forge lasting and profitable relationships with international buyers.

Your company can still participate in Generic events promoting seafood dur­ing the rest of 2007. Visit and search by product focus "Seafood" to find more activities for seafood suppliers.

Generic activities are industry promotions such as trade shows, trade missions, in-store promotions, market research, etc,

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